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Grey and White Bathroom, Grey Tiles and White Taps

2023 Bathroom Trends

2023 Bathroom Trends

About to start a bathroom renovation? For the year 2023, we've put up a list of our favourite trends and essential bathroom features. 


The latest trends to hit Australia are the fluted designs or groove design found in the latest ranges by Otti Australia, with Bentwood Bondi Vanity and Noosa Vanity, Archie Fluted Basins. Get the fluted look with the vogue range of Bondi Vanity making waves and featuring in Australian Interior design homes.Otti Australia Bondi Vanity, marlo fluted basin, archie fluted basin


In contemporary bathrooms, rain shower heads are becoming more and more common. A relaxing body spray of rain, the typical shower heads seen in most houses are fixed shower heads. They can be hung from the ceiling or even mounted on the wall.
You can also opt for dual attachments, allowing you the option of using the larger overhead ‘rain’ option, or a more focused, directional spray via the secondary nozzle?

Nero Rainshower Head


A hot trend for 2023, to add some colour and excitement to your bathroom. With so many bathroom tapware colours on the market, you are absolutley spolt for choice. Black and Brushed Gold are still popular, but other colours like Gunmetal, Brushed Nickel and Brass are seen more and more to.

Nero tapware, Brushed Gold, Brushed Gold Tapware, Tapware




While having a single mixer tap for both hot and cold water has been fashionable for some time, the trend is returning to separate taps. It's a striking design that will draw attention. 

Tap set




Backlit mirrors are again a popular choice this year. When lighted from behind, oval and circular shapes look especially nice, but rectangles can also look fantastic, especially when hung on a darker-colored feature wall.

LED Mirrors, Mirrors, Bathroom mirrors, Backlit mirrors 


In the bathroom, large statement pieces such as framed photographic images, can look fantastic. Decorative tiles are another excellent method to add colour to your bathroom. Make a statement and bring your bathroom to life. 

Bathroom art, how do I select a bathroom wall tile, bathroom wall feature, bathroom feature tile




If you’re looking for a more ‘organic’ feel for your bathroom, unfinished wood can be a great way to bring warmth. 
Think timber vanities, stools, bath caddies. 

Byron Vanity, Otti Australia, Bathroom Vanity, Vanities




Freestanding baths are the pinnacle of bathroom elegance. They provide a great focal point and immediately adds a relaxing element to the bathroom. The new Groove or Fluted design in baths add the prefect hero piece in you bathroom design.
Groove Bath Tub, freestanding Bath tub



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