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The Ultimate Bathtub Guide - Renovation Box

The Ultimate Bathtub Guide


Taking a bath is the ultimate in relaxation, but purchasing a bathtub may be a stressful experience. Today, there are a variety of bathtub measurements, designs, and materials to choose from, and it's a decision you want to get right.
Our bathtub buying guide will assist you in selecting the ideal tub for your house and lifestyle.


How Do You Plan To Use Your Bathroom?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new bathtub is whether you want to simply replace your current bathtub or entirely redesign your bathroom.
If you’re undergoing a complete bathroom renovation you’ll probably have the greatest number of options, but even with limited space, with a bit of planning you can still end up with a practical, beautiful bathtub that will last forever.

You also need to think about your bathtub’s functionality. A large family with small children will have different demands than someone who may have mobility issues to consider. Some bathtubs are multifunctional, while others focus on indulgence. The primary purpose of your bathtub should dictate your selection, which will ultimately determine what works best for your family.

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How Much Space Do You Have?

It's important to consider how much bathroom space you have to deal with when selecting the proper bathtub. Those with smaller bathrooms may want to condiser a shower/bathtub combo, which can help you make the most of your available space. Larger bathrooms can afford far more freedom and accommodate larger bathtubs.Knowing the dimensions of your space and how much space other fixtures like the toilet and vanity will take up will also assist with choosing the right tub. 

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Consider Your Budget

A well-installed, high-quality bathtub is a worthwhile investment that will provide you and your family with hours of splashable fun and delightful relaxation for many years. Your budget will undoubtedly dictate the size and type of bathtub you can buy. Don’t forget budgeting for a new bathtub also includes not just the tub but the cost of plumbing, fittings and installation as well. It’s not a cheap exercise, however if it’s constructed well and properly installed, it’s definitely a worthy investment.


The material a bath is made from can affect how you need to care for it, how durable it is, and even influence how long water will retain its heat. It also affects the weight of the bath, so bear in mind that the floor may need strengthening if you replace an old bath with a heavier version.


Acrylic Bathtubs
Acrylic tubs are one of the more common options because of the relatively cheap price point. These are great for large, small, and funky sized spaces. Choosing an acrylic tub means that you’ll have a lot of different options.
Because the surface is smooth and nonporous, it retains heat more effectively than other tub alternatives. On the downside, acrylic can scratch easily.


Fiber Glass

Fiberglass bathtubs are also a cost-effective option. They're frequently less expensive than acrylic bathtubs. One of the most appealing features of fibreglass tubs is how simple they are to instal. Fiberglass is a lightweight material that is simple to pick up and move around.
Solid Surface
Engineered composite material, often a high-quality acrylic resin, is used. It has the appearance of a natural stone, such as marble, but is lighter in weight. It's long-lasting, seamless, and warm to the touch. This looks high end and luxurious compared to other options. 

Enamelled Steel
Boasts clean, crisp lines and a bright-white look. Feels cold to the touch, but keeps bathwater hot for longer. Can chip if heavy items are dropped onto it.

Cast Iron
Cast-iron tubs, like steel, are coated with enamel. Because the enamel coating on cast iron tubs is thicker than on steel tubs, they don't chip as easily as steel tubs do, and cast iron is more durable and impact resistant. 
Based on the materials involved and ensuring your structure is strong enough to hold a cast iron tub, the cost ends up making these tubs some of the most expensive available.

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The configuration of your bathroom and which installation would work are important factors to consider when selecting a bathtub. Here are a few different sorts of bathtub installations to help you decide what will work best in your space.

Freestanding bathtubs are common in luxurious bathrooms. If you want to use your bathtub as a focus point, this is an excellent installation method. Bathtubs made of cast iron, copper, or other high-end materials are commonly used in this type of setting. Choose from modern versions or the traditional claw-footed tubs, or go for a contemporary style.

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Probably the most affordable, these are often found recessed in the wall on three sides, tiled installation as a solo tub or a tub/shower combo. One of the reasons this is the most common installation method is because it is the easiest and fits into almost every bathroom setting. 

Back To Wall
Back-to-wall baths are a great solution for smaller spaces where you want the look of a freestanding bath but don't have the room for it.  With the back sitting flush against the wall, this allows you more space in the bathroom while maintaining a luxurious appearance.

Back to Wall bath, the ultimate bath guide

Drop In 
These bathtubs fit into a pre-existing frame. The frame's perimeter is visible and can be built of a variety of materials. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including circular, oval, and rectangular.
A fantastic design choice that can add a dramatic effect to your bathroom. You must consider the amount of space it will take up as well as the cost of constructing a structure to house your tub.

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