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Choose Your Bathroom Style

Choose Your Bathroom Style 

Your bathrooms should serve as a place of inspiration and happiness. Whether it is sleek and modern or rustic farmhouse style, there is a bathroom decor perfect for you and your needs. 
Read on to learn about the different types of bathroom styles you can choose. 

Contemporary Bathroom 

Contemporary design focuses on the basics of line, shape and form. Open space and clutter-free. 
Emphasis is on the beauty and quality of the materials used throughout the setting. Choose from gorgeous whites, chromes, and blacks for a sense of contemporary luxury in your bathroom.
This sort of décor will also feature some hardwood, metal elements, and a clean and simple colour palette.

Contemporary bathroom, how to choose your bathroom,
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Modern Bathroom
Bathrooms in the modern design are bold, strong, and basic, with clean, straight lines. These can be found in vanities, sinks, baths, and tapware.
High-quality materials such as stone, porcelain, wood, and marble are also a defining aspect of modern bathroom design.

 Modern Bathroom, Monochome bathroom, bathroom design 
Photo: Bathroom Interiors


Coastal Bathroom
Take inspiration from Australia's gorgeous beaches and incorporate them into your own house. This collection includes all of the items that add a sense of relaxation to the bathroom. Natural materials and neutral tones will truly bring coastal escape into this bathroom style.
Coastal life is all about taking inspiration from the laid-back holiday vibes and the natural beauty of the coast. 

coastal bathrooms, how to choose coastal bathroom, best coastal bathroom style
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Hamptons Bathroom
Hamptons is one of the most timeless styles that will never date, and continue to have a fresh look. Its the perfect blend between laid-back coastal and exquisite detailed luxury.
White marble, a neutral colour palette with a tinge of blue, shaker-style cabinets, and light and airy space are all hallmarks of Hamptons-style bathrooms. Fixtures and fittings will often be in a chrome, brushed nickel, or brushed brass colour. For a more traditional Hamptons look, opt for three-piece tapware.

hamptons style bathroom, best hamptons style bathroom, the best hamptons bathroom
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Rustic Bathroom 
A rustic bathroom is filled with natural elements such as wood and stones, with an emphasis on raw and organic finishes. Plenty of natural light, and decorated with beautiful vintage patterns and statement pieces make it simplistic in design.

 Best industrial Bathroom, industrial bathroom stylesPhoto: Pinterest

Industrial Bathroom

Industrial interiors exude a sleek, contemporary vibe. The look combines new and used items to create a distinct mix of modern and vintage. 
Mixed woods, white accents, and stone basins are common design elements. White subway tiling is popular to contrast with brown wood.

Rustic Bathroom, Trend bathroom designsPhoto: DT Interiors


Classic & Traditional Bathroom
Traditional style bathrooms emphasize comfort, functionality, and practicality.
This style uses polished wood, complimentary colours, and the use of glass, tile, and marble that are timeless, clean-lined, cool, and very classic, creating a beautiful aesthetic that you will enjoy for years to come.

Classic Bathroom, Traditional Bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom

Bathrooms in the farmhouse style are increasingly fashionable these days. They are full of distinctive touches and are part rustic and part country with a splash of modern flair.
Barn doors that slide along tracks are a prominent design element. High ceilings with open beams, lots of polished wood, and lots of white, glass, and contrasting elements are all hallmarks of this style.

farmhouse bathroom style, Best farmhouse bathroom, choose farmhouse bathroom stylePhoto: Delighted with Details


Scandinavian Bathroom
The Scandinavian Bathroom Style is inspired by Northern European countries. The design is comprised of simplistic, minimalistic elements with a large focus on clean, simple lines without compromising functionality.
Scandi bathroom styles consist of whites, a light and airy space, and natural elements including timber colours and different shades of colours to balance the room. These colours can range from blush shades, matte black, and even shades of blue or green, enough to bring that sense of character.




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